Weather in Skopelos
June 22, 2017, 11:41 pm
real feel: 27°C
current pressure: 101 mb
humidity: 57%
wind speed: 0 m/s N
wind gusts: 0 m/s
sunrise: 6:00
sunset: 20:55
Our island, Our future
In an age of greater awareness of the negative impact pollution has on our planet, tourism is one of the main culprits: transportation, over-development and depletion of natural resources help to make sure it is not an environmentally-friendly industry. Skopelos relies on tourism and is faced with these issues -- while attempting to maintain its own cultural heritage and a clean living environment. Madro Travel has a policy of raising the awareness of holiday makers to things they can do here on Skopelos which can make a ‘real’, and positive, difference to the destination and the people living here. As an agency, we wish to actively encourage discussion on and participation in sustainable activities on Skopelos. Madro Travel aims to promote "sustainable tourism." (nature and wildlife activities), ecotourism (promoting yet protecting natural areas from mass-tourism and development), and agrotourism (educational holidays in agriculture and culture to sustain rural population). In these ways, tour operators, local businesses and visitors alike can genuinely appreciate and respect the culture and natural landscape of our island. A holiday spent exploring the countryside and villages, learning about the production of local cuisine and crafts can be a refreshing and rewarding break from city life. The informed traveller can also be directly contributing to the sustainable tourism effort by supporting the communities working to preserve their local traditions. Remember, if we all work together, our message will reach more people, change more minds, and touch more hearts.
Thought for the day
Honesty is the best policy. - Aesop (c.620-560 BC)
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